Month: March 2022

My Heart Remembers – 173 – Dr. Hugh McLeod #2

This week we are joined by Dr. Hugh McLeod, an expert in improv and in making me laugh. We talk through how comedy/improv can shift out of punching down, away from racist tropes, and change for the better in broad ways. EXP The Game of Technological Chaos You can help us make more great podcasts … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 172 – Mike Williams

This week we are joined by the absolutely lovely Mike Williams. Mike is a bass player and songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario, and currently fronts the Mike Williams Band. We had a lovely chat about music, performing, and coming through loss and depression during COVID to get back to music. Join Mike on Facebook or Instagram. … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 171 – Unicorn Bomber #2

We are joined once again by the Unicorn Bomber. We discuss their work and where it’s been being placed publicly, and have a great chat about life and art in general. Visit Unicorn Bomber on Insta. You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our Patreon.

My Heart Remembers – 170 – J9 #2

We are thrilled to have the delightful J9 back to MHR, to talk about their new single, and catch up on life, music, and the beauty of existence. We spoke at length about how the learning curves we encounter in life reward and challenge us. Learn more about J9 and their music. You can help … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 169 – Mark Gilder

Back in the day, Toronto had a very badass punk band that was more than a band… it was a family and a community, In Kensington Market. Mark Gilder played bass for Bunchofuckingoofs in the late eighties and early 90’s, and we talked about that scene, that life, the music and the joy of it … Read more