Author: Zena

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 5 – Scaring Children

This week, we are joined by film-maker Dakota Lanktree to discuss the rational and irrational fears that parents instill in their children. Dakota is afraid of scarves, but owns forty of them.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 4 – Chris White

Chris White joins us this week for an enchanting chat about his life, his work, and his music. Chris is a Canadian folk artist, radio host, festival and event organize, and general firestarter. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris when we were creating the Harperman documentary, and it was an immense pleasure to catch … Read more

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 3 – There Be Dragons

Documentary film-maker, artist, producer of this podcast, and person currently writing this, Dakota Lanktree joins Zena this week for a special holiday conversation about Dragons, stories, and much more.

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 2 – John Breen

This week we welcome healer John Breen to ‘My Heart Remembers’. John and I discuss his journey from skeptic to healer. He shares winsome and ethereal descriptions of the phenomena that led him to this path. John’s approach to healing and wellness begins with a deep humility that inspires.

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 1 – Wayne Phillips

Our guest is Wayne Phillips who among many things is a serial arts collective creator, an advocate for medicinal cannabis legalization, a reverend brother of the Church of the Universe, a visual artist, and dear friend from Ontario, Canada.

Delusional Sound Disorder

Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket. “George Orwell” This is a story all stories are a lie. Do you suffer from Delusional Sound Disorder? DSD is a more common then you would think. This disorder is quit possibly happening to you. Symptoms; • loss of appetite, increase in appetite, any … Read more