Course Outline

We provide a basic understanding of an engine and the general aspects of vehicles, including basic maintenance that includes tire changes, filter changes, checking and changing fluids, detailed safety check, and good care for your vehicle.

The goal is to have you walk away with a basic skill-set and working vocabulary surrounding your vehicle. Afterwards you will have a greater understanding of what the heck your mechanic is talking about, and how to take care of the basics yourself.

The more you understand your vehicle, the safer you are.

There will be a recommended basic set of tools required. (low cost)

2 x 2.5 hour sessions (pending levels of understanding). First session is at Creative Heart Space, second is hands-on with a vehicle.

$100/person (book below)

First session to be scheduled in approximately 1 month. Small class size of six students.

Instructor Zena Hagerty has been an engine nerd for her entire life, beginning with fixing the family car with her father as a child, and moving into being a tank mechanic in the Canadian military. She has been a Master Corporal whose job included maintenance on a fleet of AVGP vehicles (really cool tanks that can float) and provided instruction for other mechanics, and has decided that her skillset should be used to aid folks who might otherwise feel disconnected from their vehicles.

Payment Info: $25 down-payment via email money transfer to to hold one of the first 24 spots (please include your email and phone number). New sessions will begin weekly, so scheduling should be a breeze.

There will be a second set of sessions that go more in-depth. Also, please feel free to email with any questions that you have.

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