Year: 2019

My Heart Remembers – 26 – On The Earth

This week’s episode is a ‘tea time’ chat with Dakota and Stew Sparks, about farming, microorganisms, hemp, and what’s really going on with what we do with our earth. It’s a long one, and even includes a rant from Dakota about robots and the future of humanity. Learn more about micro-organic farming at Fermental For … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 25 – Kojo ‘Easy’ Damptey

Kojo Damptey is one of those folks who are blessed with brilliance in multiple ways. He’s a gifted singer, performer, song-writer, academic, and social activist. We chatted about his music, his academic work, and we decided that we need to do a few more of these chats real soon. Download Kojo’s new album. The outro … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 24 – Lyla Miklos

Lyla Miklos is a lot of things, and it’s fascinating. Lyla was born somewhere you’ve barely heard of, and has grown into a woman who works at making the world around her a better one. We discuss her life, queer activism, her perspectives, and more. We did not talk about cannibalism at all, and anyone … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 23 – Sev Tok

The impossibly charming Sev Tok has a planet in the Star Wars galaxy named after her. She joined us to share her thoughts and experiences with communicating with aliens, and Zena finds connections between Sev’s experiences and her own communications. Find more of Sev at Planet Sev. You can help us make more great podcasts … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 22 – Jamie Shea

Jamie Shea is a phenomenal singer, song-writer, teacher, player of jazz, and old friend. Listen to two of his live songs at the end of the episode. Jamie’s Website You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our Matreon.

My Heart Remembers – 21 – Ryan Clark

This conversation with Ryan Clark (Batty Bats) about his life as a DJ, audio technician, and dude who pisses people off on the Internet is a powerful one. Ryan is sharp, progressive, creative, and approaches life with empathy. Batty von BatsFacebook: @BattyVonBatsMixcloud: Cat vs BatWebsite: catvsbat.podbean.comFacebook: @CatvsBatPodcast You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 20 – David Uzal

David Uzal is a gifted visual artist, world traveller, and a Raelian. What’s a Raelian? It’s a religion in which it is believed that humanity was brought here by an alien race known as the Elohim. David tells us about this faith, and much more. The Raelian Website.David’s Website (About to be rebuilt). You can … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 19 – Culture Is Our First Technology

I sat down with Dakota Lanktree for a chat about the idea that culture is our first technology. She offered up a theory about how we perceive time, and clumsied an explanation of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It’s fascinating to ponder how much of our world is impacted by culture, and that much of it … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 18 – Terri Stewart

Terri Stewart is a lot of things, including a Methodist Pastor, an artist, and a strong advocate for LGBTQ2SI+ rights. We had a wonderful conversation about all of this, the coming schism in the United Methodist Church, trans and non-binary identities, and as is always the case with Terri…so much more. You can help us … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 17 – Might As Well Jump?

Tea Time With Dakota! This week…Dakota’s nightmare comes true when she sings a Van Halen song, and we talk about the impacts humans have on the world and what we might be able to do about it. Check out the Matreon! We’re excited to have a way of pushing new podcasts forward, including one about … Read more