Month: May 2020

My Heart Remembers – 77 – The Letters

This week is a hint of a preview of a future podcast called ‘The Letters’. Dakota reads the Immortal Beloved letter by Beethoven and we discuss the possibilities of who it may have been written for, as well as a bit of a giggle at Mozart’s far, far less talented letter-writing. Zena’s song ‘My Beloved’. … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 76 – The Darkness

Tea Time this week centres around exploring a tragedy of the past. 1816 was known as the year without a summer, following the eruption of Mount Tambora and it’s global impacts. It’s a mostly forgotten bit of history, that left a very different world afterwards. Also, Dakota reads a poem that may take you right … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 75 – VaniTea

Zena and Dakota come together for a tea time chat about Vanity and get completely bogged down in discussing the Seven Deadly Sins and whether they serve any purpose to the average person. Dakota is profoundly impressed that she completely avoided all ‘what’s in the box’ jokes until making the cover image. You can help … Read more