Month: April 2021

My Heart Remembers – 126 – Shining Waters

This week we are joined by the hosts of the upcoming Shining Waters podcast, Sally McKay and Daxy Lanktree. We discuss the beautiful creek that their podcast is focused on, and how it connects to the world, as well as how the world connects to it. Learn more about Shining Waters on Facebook. You can … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 125 – Unicorn Sheriff

Zena is running for Sheriff, and is joined by Daxy to talk about how law enforcement works, and who it protects. Hint, it’s not you and me. You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our Patreon.

My Heart Remembers – 124 – Steve Genier #2

This week we are joined by my old friend and compatriot, Steve Genier. Steve is a paranormal investigator, film-maker, and beer afficionado. And, even better, he’s really fun. We discussed all these things, and more. Listen to Nocturnal Frequency Radio. Nocturnal Frequency Radio on Facebook. The Southern Ontario Paranormal Society Facebook page.

My Heart Remembers – 123 – The War On Witches

We have a very special episode, in which Daxy joins us for Tea Time, and we talk Witchcraft of all flavours. Daxy isn’t a witch, but offers some observations about the history of the persecution of women through the persecution of witches, and we also talk through the difference between family traditions of witchcraft, Wicca, … Read more