Author: Zena

My Heart Remembers – 15 – Secret Geniuses

Dakota and I talk about the wonders that people do without seeking recognition. There are hidden geniuses among us, that aren’t recognized in their lifetimes. Maybe you know one.

The neighbours and friends of Van Gogh, Henry Darger, James Hampton, Vivien Maier, and so many others didn’t know that there was a hidden drive to create occuring before them. Yet, some of the greatest works of art and accomplishment in history, have occurred behind the scenes and only revealed after the death of the genius in question. It’s fair to wonder how many we have missed, and to bemoan the tragedy of their not understanding the appreciation that came afterwards for their work.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 14 – Steve Sinnicks

Steve Sinnicks is a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist with a cutting sense of humour and sharp political mind. He joins us on My Heart Remembers to discuss his musical work, his frustrations, and jet sex toys, of course.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 13 – A Flat Earth For All

This week, in tea time with Dakota Lanktree, we discuss why it is that people believe things that are clearly wrong. And, we talk about what Flat Earthers have right. 

My Heart Remembers – Episode 12 – Chris Saade

Chris Saade spent more than a decade doing humanitarian work in Lebanon during the Lebanese war, and discovered a passion for social justice that has become a lifelong pursuit. Chris has provided teaching and seminars as a life coach and spiritual teacher.

We discussed the connections between the sacred and social activism, the fear involved in the human experience, and love.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 11 – Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

The Witches Bible

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone are prolific authors, and experts about divining the human condition. They’re also famous witches (Wiccans) and charming as heck. Enjoy this conversation that does dip into Wicca, but also provides broader insight into being human (witches are humans, honest). 

My Heart Remembers – Episode 10 – Live From Mumbai

Harkat is an exciting and exploratory arts space in Mumbai, India. Michaela and Karan Talwar offer an exciting glimpse into India’s contemporary and ancient culture. Standing out, as a uniquely driven and community-oriented space, in the fourth largest city in the world is a feat, and these film-makers have engaged in a beautiful mission to showcase beauty and art.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 9 – Christina Sealey

Orphx Podcast

Christie Sealey is a cross-media creative juggernaut who can’t be stopped. An education in Fine Arts, and an exploratory spirit have led to the wildly creative musical work of Orphx (with Rich Oddie) and painting that is a beautiful intersection of delicacy, intensity of light/dark/colour, and sensuality. She’s also a great deal of fun, and insightful about exploring new realms. Christina very definitely is a light in the darkness.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 8 – The Script

Toxic Masculinity

A special tea-time episode on toxic masculinity with Dakota Lanktree and Dave Pomfret. We discuss gender roles, and how impactful and damaging they can be, along with an explanation about how/why the recent Gillette ad that asked men to do better blew so many minds. It’s a long, but important, episode that ends with a fantastic new song from Dave.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 7 – Vicky Lentz

Vicky Lentz is an astounding multi-disciplinary artist from New Brunswick who shares her insight into life and art with Zena this week. Episode possibly contains dangerous amounts of giggling and laughter, along with a great deal of insight into creativity.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 6 – Cat-Gineers

We are lucky enough to have Paul and TJ from ‘An Engineer’s Guide To Cats’ to speak about their experiences with having an early viral video (millions of hits a decade ago was almost unheard of) and how difficult it is to work with cats. Hilarity ensues…and, there is a surprise announcement!