My Heart Remembers – Episode 10 – Live From Mumbai

Harkat is an exciting and exploratory arts space in Mumbai, India. Michaela and Karan Talwar offer an exciting glimpse into India’s contemporary and ancient culture. Standing out, as a uniquely driven and community-oriented space, in the fourth largest city in the world is a feat, and these film-makers have engaged in a beautiful mission to showcase beauty and art.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 9 – Christina Sealey

Orphx Podcast

Christie Sealey is a cross-media creative juggernaut who can’t be stopped. An education in Fine Arts, and an exploratory spirit have led to the wildly creative musical work of Orphx (with Rich Oddie) and painting that is a beautiful intersection of delicacy, intensity of light/dark/colour, and sensuality. She’s also a great deal of fun, and insightful about exploring new realms. Christina very definitely is a light in the darkness.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 8 – The Script

Toxic Masculinity

A special tea-time episode on toxic masculinity with Dakota Lanktree and Dave Pomfret. We discuss gender roles, and how impactful and damaging they can be, along with an explanation about how/why the recent Gillette ad that asked men to do better blew so many minds. It’s a long, but important, episode that ends with a fantastic new song from Dave.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 7 – Vicky Lentz

Vicky Lentz is an astounding multi-disciplinary artist from New Brunswick who shares her insight into life and art with Zena this week. Episode possibly contains dangerous amounts of giggling and laughter, along with a great deal of insight into creativity.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 6 – Cat-Gineers

We are lucky enough to have Paul and TJ from ‘An Engineer’s Guide To Cats’ to speak about their experiences with having an early viral video (millions of hits a decade ago was almost unheard of) and how difficult it is to work with cats. Hilarity ensues…and, there is a surprise announcement!

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 5 – Scaring Children

This week, we are joined by film-maker Dakota Lanktree to discuss the rational and irrational fears that parents instill in their children. Dakota is afraid of scarves, but owns forty of them.

My Heart Remembers – Episode 4 – Chris White

Chris White joins us this week for an enchanting chat about his life, his work, and his music. Chris is a Canadian folk artist, radio host, festival and event organize, and general firestarter. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris when we were creating the Harperman documentary, and it was an immense pleasure to catch … Read more

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 3 – There Be Dragons

Documentary film-maker, artist, producer of this podcast, and person currently writing this, Dakota Lanktree joins Zena this week for a special holiday conversation about Dragons, stories, and much more.

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 2 – John Breen

This week we welcome healer John Breen to ‘My Heart Remembers’. John and I discuss his journey from skeptic to healer. He shares winsome and ethereal descriptions of the phenomena that led him to this path. John’s approach to healing and wellness begins with a deep humility that inspires.

My Heart Remembers Podcast – Episode 1 – Wayne Phillips

Our guest is Wayne Phillips who among many things is a serial arts collective creator, an advocate for medicinal cannabis legalization, a reverend brother of the Church of the Universe, a visual artist, and dear friend from Ontario, Canada.