Month: April 2020

My Heart Remembers – 74 – Eric Hanson

Zena is joined this week by Eric Hanson, a biochemist who answers her questions about viruses, COVID-19, and more. They go in-depth, but keep it understandable. This Week In Virology : Podcast recommendation from Eric.This Podcast Will Kill You : Podcast recommendation from Dakota. Note: With all matters of life and death, please add your … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 73 – Stylo Starr

The fabulous Stylo Starr joins us this week to speak about her art, the importance of representation in art, and how she connects with creativity. It’s a super fun conversation that delves deep into a beautiful heart. View Stylo’s work. Join Stylo on Instagram. You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our Matreon.

My Heart Remembers – 72 – Janet Marie Rogers

Zena is joined this week by poet Janet Marie Rogers, who speaks about honesty and authenticity in exploring her roots as an indigenous woman through her connection with language and what writing has meant to her in general. Janet has recently begun her term as Writer In Residence at McMaster University. Explore Janet’s Poetry Join … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 71 – Karen Brown Burson

The ever-delightful Karen Brown Burson joins Zena this week to talk about food, it’s relationship to our wellness and immune system, as well as how to breathe and relax in these Covidian times. From Karen:A healthy immune system is always a key to good health, but now more than ever your diet matters! Check out … Read more