Month: July 2021

My Heart Remembers – 139 – Mike Trebilcock

This week, we are joined by talented and charming musician and songwriter, Mike Trebilcock. We chatted about the good old days of The Killjoys having a music video being held hostage in Mexico, , his musical voyage, and how he came to be making film scores for horror movies. Mike’s website. Mike’s Youtube channel. You … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 138 – Sev Tok #3

We are rejoined by the lovely Sev Tok, and talk further about talking to aliens. We also connect about life, the complexities of existence, and her recent work with MUFON. Connect with Sev at You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens on Amazon.  You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 137 – Classy Language

This week we have a Tea Time conversation with Dakota Lanktree and Tom Shea, two people who study and create a plethora of brilliant works in the English language (or at least teach and speak it). We discuss the value of expanding the ability to communicate and new forms such as memes that are fast … Read more

My Heart Remembers – 136 – Andrew McGregor

This week, we’re joined by Andrew McGregor, the proprietor of The Hermit’s Lamp, a Toronto shop devoted to the spiritual path. And, it’s not just a store… We discuss how such places act as a nexus for communities of interconnected people. The Hermit’s Lamp online. You can help us make more great podcasts by supporting our … Read more